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Our aim is representing deaf student organisations at the European level and to promote, advance, protect rights, and opportunities for deaf students in Europe.

Three objectives : 

- To act and promote  for equality and accessibility for all deaf students.

- To encourage and develop a network of deaf students.

- To promote, support and represent the interests of national deaf student organisations in European countries, along with international organisations.



EDSU is established in 2011 by Timothy Rowies from Belgium and in December 2011, it was conceived as a first Focus Group under the European Union of the Deaf Youth (EUDY) during its Board meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on a proposal to set up a working group at the General Assembly of EUDY in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the 14th of July 2012, EDSU got an appropriately approval to become an official working group under EUDY by 25 Full members at the EUDY GA.

Then on the 11th of July 2014, EDSU became an independent organisation after the approval at the EUDY GA in Burgas, Bulgaria.

P.S. Logo of EDSU is created by André Jensen, deaf business! (you can find him on his instagram @_andrejensen or


Honorary Members

  • Timothy Rowies, Belgium

  • Sofiya Kalinova, Bulgaria

  • Thomas McWhinney, United Kingdom

  • Pere Cantenys, Catalonia

  • Serhat Dogru, Denmark

  • Philip Power, Ireland

  • Bernd Mojet, Netherlands

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