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What is EDSU?

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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

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The European Deaf Students’ Union, in short EDSU, is an European non-profit independent organisation with a society where sign language users and deaf people have an equal status and are recognised as full citizens in their own right. Sign language, Deaf culture, and the Deaf community should be fully accepted as being part of our rich European heritage.

Our mission exists to represent deaf student organisations at European level and to promote, advance, protect rights, and opportunities for deaf students in Europe. Emancipation and equal opportunities are key philosophies in our work towards achieving an equal position in society with recognition of deaf people as full citizens in our right.

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  • Quality education for deaf students

  • Equality accessibility

  • Rights for internship and other student opportunities

  • Exchangement information and experiences

  • Establishing deaf student organisations in Europe

  • Umbrella of national deaf student unions (NDSUs)


  • Seminars: training, awareness raising, social and culture

  • Politics/rights: accessibility, interpreters and student mobility

  • Information: lectures, media, intern/student job, awareness future students (Sec/HS)

  • Network: support students, relationship among different (N)DSO/U in Europe

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ALL the news are on instagram if you want to know more


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